Fabián Hernández

IMG 1915"For something more complicated than it may seem, we will solve for you, and do it well"

It is the phrase that characterizes Piu Design, an Ecuadorian brand that has begun to position themselves within international platforms interior design and accessories; a mark through its creator Fabian Hernandez is generating buzz the guild

At 35, Fabian Hernandez has consolidated its brand in Ecuador and project in the United States and Panama through a "transitional" style in their creations, a trend that was molded from an early age by family influence, at age 16 and created , designed and performed with his own hands furniture of all kinds.

However, only when he completed his internship in Salice, one of the largest companies leadership and innovation in Italy, specialized in the design and production of parts for furniture, was when he began his real passion for design and great determination to generate their own brand with its original touch. PIU DESIGN


And he decided to specialize in the career of Design Industial in Metro (Metropolitan Institute of Design), one of the design schools most influential in Ecuador, where he developed several real estate projects such as designs stands for shops within the industry telecommunications, designs for kitchens, furniture for upscale restaurants, interior design house of great personalities, among others.

In 2006 decides to take his first big step by opening a specialized accessories made with exotic material, influence Store from one of his trips to Colombia, when he stumbled upon a craftsman of accessories, which used a very subtle very difficult technique but produce. It was this encounter with exotic material that love as their ideal brand and allowed him to consolidate his mark as a company to be recognized today for detail, for the use of exotic material and provide a solution to what most would say it is not possible.

Gradually it was consolidated to create in 2007 a larger business that included not only accessories but also furniture developed with exotic materials following a contemporary trend mixed with an exclusive and elegant functional design that have led today to design platforms domestic interiors, as Cemexpo, Aima and Clave , international platforms like High Point in 2014 in North Carolina, and Architectural Digest in the city of New York in 2015; opportunities that have led him to star in high-impact projects in the United States, Panama and in their country of residence, Ecuador.

From 2008 to today Fabian Hernandez has managed to carry out major projects furnishings such as restaurants, embassies, hotels, and a large number of end customers satisfied to guarantee the quality, reliability and commitment to Piu Design.