About Us



We are an Ecuadorian company dedicated to create and manufacture furniture with innovative designs in order to obtain a fascinating product that meets the needs and expectations of our customers. Piu Design uses a mixture of
Amazonian woods with exotic materials such as bone, horn, calabash, chonta, bamboo and coconut.

We are known for offering custom made furniture using the highest standards in quality. In Piu Design elaborate and create natural finishes that once you go through a long and arduous process, become exclusive pieces. This process allows the creation of diverse and varied environments. In this way we can offer our customers a strong product to over the years.
Design uses Piu finished in exotic materials like coconut shell, Totumo, (fruit), bamboo (tropical plant), bone (like ivory) Chota (white and black). All natural materials are recycled in order not to disturb nature, respecting and preserving the environment and meeting our environmental responsibility processes; These materials are treated carefully for its high quality in the finished product resulting leaves a work of art with unique beauty.
As manufacturers Piu Design ensures an unlimited variety of designs with natural finishes and durability of our product with our main focus, the production of modern furniture and ergonomically functional for today's lifestyle.

Piu Design has been shaped by entrepreneurs and skilled professionals who have grown up over time by consolidating their designs. Thanks to the incorporation of quality professionals, Piu Design does provide current trends in their products also tour the interior design industry in the world.